Please Note That This Auction Will Start at 1 PM Eastern Time With Lot #1100

Stout Auctions is proud to present an afternoon filled with O scale two rail trains. This auction will start at 1 PM Eastern time and with lot 1100. This lot primarily will focus on the CB&Q, Union Pacific, and Burlington Northern railroads. However, there are other road names included, so please be sure to view the entire catalog.

This sale will include brass locomotives from Overland, Sunset, 3rd Rail, and more.  There is also a wide selection of MTH and Lionel locomotives that have been converted to two rail operation with scale couplers.

Along with a wide selection of motive power, there will be plenty of freight and passenger cars to add to your fleet. Highlights include Wasatch Union Pacific passenger cars, brass freight cars from Overland, Pecos River, Precision Scale, Rich Yoder, and Oriental Limited. There is also a wide number of Atlas O, Lionel, and MTH freight cars in two rail with scale couplers.

The auction is broadcast real time over the internet at   Please email if you have any questions.

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