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Stout Auctions is committed to making the catalog and online bidding a better experience for you- our valued customers.

With that in mind, beginning with the December 1, 2014 auction and moving forward from that date a new bidding system will be in place. The plus side is that the photos are about twice the resolution as before and the platform is much more stable than the previous bidding system. The down side is that everyone will need to register again with their bidder information. Bidders will be able to use the information for ALL auctions moving forward, so you will only need to do this once.

Also, please make sure to read the terms and conditions for the auctions as we have changed quite a few items in our terms. Thank you and happy bidding!

February 13th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

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There is no better way to lead into an incredible Saturday sale, than to have an incredible Friday sale to start. This will be the best modern sale that we have had in recent memory. This sale will feature brass O scale trains, brass HO trains, and outstanding O gauge modern trains. Here are the highlights:

Lot 1- 140: An awesome collection of O scale brass. Manufactures include US Hobbies, Overland, Sunset, Precision Scale, Max Gray, Kemtron, and others. Highlights of the O scale brass include Kemtron New York Central Niagara, US Hobbies Pennsylvania 2-10-0, PFM Great Northern factory painted E6, KTM unpainted Southern Pacific GS-4, Sunset USRA light Mikado, Westside Models B&O P-7, KTM New York Central L4b Mohawk, Overland GE U33C, Sunset Pennsylvania S-2 turbine, Westside Pennsylvania M-1, Max Gray N&W J Class, Max Gray Pennsylvania Y6b and so much more. A great collection of two rail including many other locomotives, freight, and passenger cars.

Lot 141- 266: 125 lots of HO brass! This incredible collection will focus on traction related items. Primary roads include Pacific Electric, Milwaukee Road, The North Shore Line, and others. Manufactures include East Suydam and Company, Alco Models, Nickel Plate Products, Midwest Trolley Museum, and others. Many limited edition pieces of less than 50 to 100 built.

Lot 267-550: The quality on the three rail O gauge item starts right away. Highlights include over TWENTY 3rd rail brass locomotives many of them new in the box. 3rd Rail highlights include Union Pacific Challenger, Pennsylvania FF-2 Electric, Empire State Express Hudson, Pennsylvania T-1, New York Central Mercury, Pennsylvania 2-10-2 and many others.

O gauge passenger highlights include multiple sets of K Line 21 inch aluminum passenger cars including Baltimore and Ohio, Milwaukee Road, California Zephyr, and Santa Fe. Other passenger sets include over THIRTY MTH passenger sets, full scale sets from Weaver and Golden Gate Depot, Lionel passenger sets and others.

Locomotives are the star of the day. Along with the 3rd Rail items there are 157 O gauge locomotives! Many mint examples from Lionel, MTH, Weaver, K Line and others. Locomotive highlights include Lionel Legacy Union Pacific 4-12-2, MTH Proto 2 Erie Triplex, Lionel B&O EM-1, MTH Southern Pacific AC-6 Cab Forward, Lionel Century Club II M-10000, Weaver Milwaukee Road S-3, Lionel JLC N&W Y6b, Lionel Santa Fe Northern, MTH Santa Fe Blue Goose, and many others.

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase some of the finest O gauge three rail models produced in the last fifteen years. This will be a benchmark sale for this year in modern O gauge.

February 14th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

(click here to view online catalog and bidding) (Click here to download a PDF text only catalog listing)

Stout Auctions has the privilege to offer for sale one of the most incredible groups of trains offered for years, maybe ever, in the February two day auction event! The Saturday session will highlight one of the finest collections of Lionel that exists! The quality and rarity of this collection is stunning in both rarity and condition. In addition to the Lionel collection are two other collections- one that highlights amazing prewar trains both foreign and US manufacture that make any prewar collector's mouth water. The third collection is straight from a longtime postwar era Lionel employee and includes many errors, samples etc. Plus we have some toys and two incredible factory new Row and Company Union Pacific steam locomotives!

The Lionel in the sale includes three variations of boxed 396E Blue Comet sets, two boxed State Sets, an empty 411E set box, 0000 prototype SP FM, GREEN 6464-725 boxcars, the best 6464-300 Solid Shield that exist, type I 6464-225, type III NYC and GN 6464 boxcars, red letter 6464-1 WP, FOUR robin egg blue 6414, brown and green 6414 autoloaders, clear mold and blue mold Rutlands, 2023 gray nose Union Pacific Alcos, LN 787W 763E set, gray coal pile 763E, boxed 700E 5344, boxed 291W 226E semi scale freight set, three original 444 round house sections, boxed Girls train set, boxed 55 Congressional set, Halloween set with sleeve, 6445 factory sample, ST384 track pliers in OB, 6401 flat with RED crates, the best red letter 3454 you can get, 6670 with number to right, RED letter 60 trolley, 13088 boxed SF set, several mint GG1, GP, FM and F3 locomotives in master cartons, mint 2624 Manhattan in OB, mint 163 freight set in individual boxes, original 2 7/8 No 100 earlier variation, 1464W 1950 anniversary boxed set, ALL 2350 NH variations in gorgeous condition, red painted 6464-375 CG, yellow painted 6464-650 Rio Grande, boxed 2148WS Hudson set, boxed Girard cars, rare prototype flatcars, red 6844, red 6828, mint 813 prewar tuscan stock car, orange 2814R, black 816 hopper with both stamping and plates, dealer service station 5A test set, prewar 158 station and platforms set, green City of Denver, many Flying Yankee, City of Portland and Denver sets in boxes, and so much more this list is barely scratching the surface of rarities and mint trains.

Leland monorail. 1929 Erector Blimp with original skin! Marx items. Ives includes boxed transition trains and accessories, long cab Olympian set and much more. Super rare American Flyer prewar O gauge original prewar cadmium Mayflower plus other prewar Flyer Foreign Examples from this sale include beautiful Santhion stations, Marklin stations and trains, Carette stations and trains, Edobaud, Kraus, Fleischmann, Electoy, Carlisle and Finch, Voltamp, Bing gauge III King Edward, Stevens Model Dockyard 4 inch live steam and many others.

This auction is Lionel from lot 801 to about 1250, 1250-1320 are US manufacture trains in O and Std. The foreign section of the sale starts at approximately lot 1320 of the sale. What a sale! Please call 765-764-6901 for information or email

2015 Stout Auction Events::

  • For more information on our Indiana events please call 765-764-6901 or email
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  • March 7th, 2015 West Middlesex, PA

  • March 13th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

  • March 14th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

    Stout Auctions is excited to sell a great collection of Lionel and American Flyer prewar and postwar during the Saturday session of the two day auction event! Please watch for updates to this auction description that will be coming soon. You will not be disappointed. Please call 765-764-6901 for information or email
  • April 10th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

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  • November 21st, 2015 West Middlesex, PA : Part 2 of the Frank Petruzzo Collection

  • December 11th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

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