Stout Auctions is proud to present a one day sale filled with an incredible assortment of model trains in HO, S, O scale, and Proto:48 O scale. This is a wonderful assortment of high quality brass trains AND a wide variety of craftsman level rolling stock kits in all three gauges. 

HO Scale (Lots 4000-4345) Nearly 350 lots of high quality HO brass locomotives, rolling stock, and a staggering number of kit freight cars from Sunshine Models and other high quality HO kits. Some of these kits were produced in surprisingly low numbers are are scarcely available, especially in these quantities. The quality of the brass models is just as impressive. All the major brass players are included in this sale. Key Imports, Overland, Westside, PFM, Hallmark, and more. A heavy focus on western and Midwest road names such as Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and more.

Model Railroading Tools (Lots 4346-4354) – A nice selection of air brushes and other tools used for both HO and O scale model railroading.

More HO (Lots 4354A- 4354F)

O Scale Brass (Lots 4355-4498) The quality O scale continues at Stout Auctions as we head into the Summer of 2022. The same quality of brass and kits found in the HO selection is also found in O scale two rail. Highlights include multiple new sets of Key Import FT locomotives, as well as locomotives from 3rd Rail, Sunset, Overland, and others. There are brass freight and passenger cars from Precision Scale, Rich Yoder, Overland, Key, and others. 

Proto:48 Brass Freight Cars (Lots 4499-4539A) A wonderful selection of Protocraft Proto:48 brass boxcars in multiple road names and configurations. Also parts lots included Proto:48 trucks from Rich Yoder Models and more. 

S Scale Brass and Plastic Modes (Lots 4540-4591) We round out this day with one of the larger selections of S scale brass that we’ve had in recent years. Overland and Raisin River Models are both well represented in both the steam and diesel locomotive categories as well as a nice selection of brass freight and passenger cars. 

DO NOT MISS THE PARTS LOTS! Spread throughout the sale are parts lots in all three scales represented. These include lifetime collections of detail parts, trucks, decals, and more. There are some outstanding opportunities for both modelers and resellers alike to bolster their inventory. For more information on this auction please email or call 765-764-6901

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