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Current Auctions::

  • August 1st, 2014 Williamsport, IN: (click here to view online catalog and bidding) An incredible modern sale! There is something here for EVERYONE. Highlights include large quantities of accessories such as the rotary coal tipple, nuclear reactor, almost all of the Postwar accessory reissues, multiple large bridges including the Hellgate, operating back shop and many many more. Rolling stock is highlighted by K Line American Freedom train aluminum passenger cars, multiple Lionel passenger sets, more K Line twenty one inch passenger cars, scale K Line die cast and aluminum cars, freight cars from all major manufactures and more. Locomotives will include MTH American Freedom Train GS-4, Lionel Gold Hudson and caboose, wide selection of the Lionel Century Club I and II locomotives, multiple large Lionel steam locomotives including B&O EM-1, Norfolk and Western class A and Y6b, Union Pacific Challenge, numerous versions of the New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt including the scarce red, blue, and black versions, and much more. The icing on the cake includes a staggering selection of Atlas track and switches, large number of power supplies such as Z-4000, TPC-400's modern ZW's , SC-2's and more. This is a great modern collection; we can't wait to share it with our customers. For more information on our Indiana events please call 765-764-6901 or email

  • August 2nd, 2014 Williamsport, IN: (click here to view online catalog and bidding) The Saturday session of trains toys, accessories, original boxes, original set boxes with all levels of collecting to be represented from Mint in the box to fixer-upper lots for collectors, dealers, and operators of all budgets. Postwar Highlights include a very rare 5A test set, 5C test set, red and blue variation ST-350 presses, nut driver set, E-unit vice, ST303, ST 384 pliers, separate sale bulbs/cartons, Electronic sets, many steam locos and tenders, 986 Plasticville farm set OB, 2245 filled in porthole Texas Special OB, 221 SF olive, 6427-500 girl's caboose, huge amount of service manuals, box lots of original packets, a lot of aluminum cars including several mint in box, F3's including some with boxes, GP's, 165-83 steel blanks, 1505WS boxed set, other diesels, great boxed and loose accessories, 6464's, a GREAT selection of Lionel HO, ZW, KW, super O track, KMT boxcars, Gilbert Autorama items in boxes, really cool master carton of Plasticville 1640-100 churches, Unique Art trains, Hornby in OB, a large selection of Marx trains, train parts cabinets and much more! Modern Highlights in the Saturday session includes a nice selection of LGB, Paya trains in boxes, MTH orange 3243 set, Smithsonian Dreyfuss Hudson 18027, SF 2-8-8-2 38030, 38009 Challenger, 28063 T1, NYC Hudson 50 Anniversary set, Lionel Standard gauge Commodore Vanderbilt, Standard gauge Hiawatha and others.

    Prewar highlights include trains from Voltamp, C&F, American Flyer, Lionel, Ives and Marklin- examples are an extremely rare GREEN 3659 dump car, gorgeous original Voltamp 2100 loco and tender, original Lionel #2 trolley, a stunning 0080W Hudson set, boxed 247W set, 2900 series semi scale freights both boxed and unboxed, 700E 5344 scale Hudson, black and gray 763E Hudsons, nice Flyer President's Special, Lionel 381E, 385E, 200/100/500/10 series freights including gorgeous set of 10 series freights, 227 0-6-0 switcher, 263E/600/1/2 red, 260E, 610/10/12, 238E , 2613/4/5 blue, O gauge rolling stock in 800/2600/2800/2900, mojave 408E set in standard gauge, Ives 10E, 318E Baby Brown state, 9E in gray, green 381 State Set, 402E, 256 orange set, 1766/7/8, Flyer 4637 Shasta, Flyer 1620/1 streamliner cars OB, very early Ives 127 stock car, Bing Gauge 1 items, rare Lion-eds farm board in OB, nice green 1100 Mickey Mouse handcar, OO rolling stock with track and switches, 226E in OB, T-rail track items, Marklin PLM tender, JEP trains, original Lionel boat and an EXTRA original stand, C&F 13 coach and much more.

    American Flyer S gauge is well represented with several key lots such as a boxed 21139, K335, 332, 322, 326 and other cars and engines Saturdays toys include three mint in box Marx play sets including mint freight trucking set, die cast including Corgi, Dinky some very nice early Lesney Matchbox as well as a mint unused Erector set in a gray cardboard box. Also included among the toys are a beautiful Gunthermann clockwork tin locomotive, Momod live steam, pressed steel pedal car, Electricar in OB, 1930's Marklin armored car, mint Chein roller coaster in OB with inserts, high grade original Dayton Hill Climber, Chein Hercules trucks, Paya toys in OB, and several other loose and boxed tin friction and lithographed toys from the 1930's to 60's.

    This session will also feature a very nice collection of aviation related items to include several desk and travel agency display airplanes and jets for the US Airforce, Braniff, Air Canada, American, Eastern, Air France, British Airways and others. Also included is REALLY cool brass National cash register! Please plan to attend this outstanding sale to see first-hand the condition and variety of these collections, we always love to see faces and socialize about our great hobby! For more information on this event please email or call 765-764-6901.

  • Upcoming Events::

  • For more information on our Indiana events please call 765-764-6901 or email
  • For more information on our Pennsylvania events please call 724-528-1500 or email

  • September 6th, 2014 West Middlesex PA: Featured in this auction is a large portion of George Schmid’s Lionel MPC and Modern era collection (as well as a lot of other goodies), because as George states, I need more room for my postwar trains!" George started collecting trains in the late 1950’s, when his biggest purchase was a Lionel no. 2296W Canadian Pacific passenger outfit (which he still owns). Trains were always around the family home, and George "infected" his three children with the train bug. During the 1970’s and until today, George expanded his collection by purchasing new Lionel MPC and Modern era trains as well as MTH and others. He added 1,000’s of outfits, individual items, accessories, club cars, etc.

    In 2001, after the a purchase of postwar Lionel Factory Orders at auction, George sought to give back to the toy train collecting community as much as it has provided to him. Thus, instead of burying these documents in a basement, he helped to form Project Roar Publishing along with his son John, to publish and share this wonderful historical information. Project Roar Publishing has gone on to publish three award winning publications (Authoritative Guide to Lionel’s Postwar Operating Cars, Authoritative Guide to Lionel’s Promotional Outfits 1960-1969 and Inside The Lionel Trains Fun Factory) all of which George played a major role including co-editing.

    George needs more room for his postwar and paper collections and as such, has decided to part with this portion of his beautiful and mostly mint in box Lionel MPC, Lionel Modern era and MTH collection for others to enjoy as much as he has over the years. For more information on our Pennsylvania events please call 724-528-1500 or email

  • September 12th, 2014 Williamsport, IN
  • September 13th, 2014 Williamsport, IN

  • October 4th, 2014 West Middlesex PA

  • October 24th, 2014 Williamsport, IN
  • October 25th, 2014 Williamsport, IN

  • November 22nd, 2014 West Middlesex, PA: Stout Auctions of West Middlesex, PA is honored to have been selected to sell the Frank Petruzzo train collection. Part I of the collection will be held on November 22, 2014 and Part II in January 2015. A printed color catalog will be available. Frank Petruzzo was a member of the TCA since 1972, a member of the Lionel Collectors Club of America, and an officer in the Midwest TCA Division. After assembling a quality collection of O gauge Lionel trains that was subsequently sold, Frank set his sights on Lionel Standard Gauge Pre War Trains and accessories. Driven to build a collection that would recreate a pre-war Lionel showroom, Frank relentlessly upgraded his Classic Period Standard Gauge collection, which eventually was quoted in the TMK Price Guide as being: " not just great. It might just be the greatest". Frank knew the importance of sharing knowledge with both current and future collectors. He was both gratuitous and grateful in sharing his collection in the Dec 1990 Classic Toy Trains Magazine, McComas and Tuohy's Classic Toy Train Layouts of America Video, Part VI, as well as other publications. Frank succumbed to heart disease and diabetes complications in 1994, but his memory lives on through his collection; the friendships he made; his dedication to the hobby; his commitment to variations, original condition and rarity; and his fascination with the quirky - for example, the famous "Petruzzo Coal Train". Frank's wife, Shirley, shared his passion and fittingly his entire collection has remained on display, intact and untouched for 20 years. It is now available to you -- the current and next generation of collectors -- in its entirety and exclusively through Stout Auctions. Frank always wondered, "what people do if they didn't have a hobby", so we thank you for your consideration as these pieces of history start a new journey. Please contact us by phone 724-528-1500 or email

  • December 5th, 2014 Williamsport, IN
  • December 6th, 2014 Williamsport, IN


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