Stout Auctions of PA is excited to kick-off the New Year with a fantastic sale of trains and toys from private collections and estates. The first portion of the auction will feature an incredible selection of Lionel postwar including sets, locomotives, rolling stock and accessories with many mint in the box. The second half of the auction will showcase prewar standard and o gauge including; Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, Marklin, Bing, Carrette, Elastolin, Dorfan and others. Please plan to attend this outstanding sale or visit our website for online catalog. For more information please call 724-528-1500 or email Please find below the list of lots.


Lots 2001-2333: Lionel postwar

Lots 2334-2338: HO scale (Lionel, American Flyer, etc.)

Lot 2339: Bachmann Plasticville

Lots 2340-2409: Lionel prewar O gauge

Lots 2410-2422: Lionel prewar OO gauge

Lot 2423: Henry Katz & Co. prewar O gauge

Lot 2424: Bowman Model O gauge

Lots 2425-2519: Lionel prewar standard gauge

Lot 2520: Harlan K. Creswell standard gauge 600E Hudson kit

Lot 2521: standard gauge wooden fence

Lots 2522-2547: American Flyer prewar wide gauge

Lots 2548-2568: American Flyer prewar O gauge & 3/16 scale

Lots 2569-2577: Ives prewar wide gauge & O gauge

Lots 2578-2582: Bing prewar O gauge

Lots 2583-2594: Marklin prewar O gauge & 1 gauge

Lot 2595: Carette

Lots 2596-2598: Dorfan prewar

Lot 2599: Elastolin

Lot 2600: Vintage American Milk Co. wagon with horse

Lots 2601-2609: American Flyer S Gauge

Lot 2610: Skyline

Lots 2611-2612: Marx

Lot 2613: Auburn Rubber, Arcoy Toys and others

Lot 2614: Alps Japanese tin

Lot 2615: Tootsie Toys

Lots 2616-2619: Reference guides and books


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