Stout Auctions is please to offer an outstanding diversity of trains for the Saturday session of the April 7th auction.  The trains are from several estate collections and one collector that has quite simply put together the highest quality collection of 763E boxed sets that I know exists.   These are next level trains that you just look at and go “Wow”.   Another extreme highlight in the auction is an original American Flyer Mayflower that has been in the same family since it was used as a window display in Riker’s Department store in Dayton OH!  The auction kicks off with an American Flyer S gauge collection and then heads into Lionel postwar O with everything from mint to not so mint.  The next group is Lionel prewar O, then general standard gauge and then a nice mix of diverse trains from Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, Bing and a Marklin set.   Please put this one on your calendar as it is a great auction.   If you need any information then don’t hesitate to email or call 765-764-6901.

Lots 801-864 American Flyer S gauge

Lots 865-1144 Lionel postwar O gauge with a few highlighted examples such as a boxed Sears 2347 C&O GP, brown and green 6414 autoloaders, boxed and master carton 773 Hudsons, 6464 boxcars, great original boxes and much more!

Lots 1145-1225  Lionel prewar O gauge.   This is the best collection of 763E sets that exists that I know of.   They are really that good.  Fully boxed LN-Mint sets include 705 full scale switcher set, 748W, 755W Hiawatha, 766W, two 768W sets, two 787W sets including a mint gray coal pile set, 789W, 843W and an 859B set that will make your socks go up and down!  Included in this group is also a fantastic selection of top level rolling stock, a 700E, boxed gray coal 763E, OO trains, a large amount of T-Rail both boxed and unboxed, and a ton of accessories.


Lots 1228-end  A great mix prewar and postwar from Lionel, Ives, Bing gauge 1, a Marklin gauge 1 and others.  Included is a Carette 2350 passenger train set, Exley passenger sets, and several OO freight sets.

Note:  we will continue to add lots to the catalog so be sure to check back regularly.  Thanks!

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