Stout Auctions is excited to start the New Year off with a fantastic one-day sale of trains, accessories and toys from private collections and the estates of Wilbur Andrews TCA # 72-4830 and David Felmley TCA # 71-3754.     This will be a very diverse auction with the first portion featuring Bing, Marklin, Carette, Kibri, JEP, Dorfan and Weeden in gauges 0, 1 and 2. The next section will offer Lionel, Ives and American Flyer in standard and O gauge followed by Lionel postwar with many items mint in original boxes. The last section will feature toys including Pyro, Marx, Tootsie Toys, Buddy L and lead figures.  Please plan to attend this outstanding sale to see first hand the exceptional condition and variety of these collections.   For more information please call 724-528-1500 or e-mail


Lots 2001-2088: Bing prewar gauges O, 1 and 2

Lots 2089-2162: Marklin prewar gauges O, 1 and 2

Lots 2163-2187: Dollet Cie, Carette and Kibri

Lots 2188-2199: Fandor, Krauss, Karl Bub and JEP

Lots 2200-2223: Ives prewar O gauge

Lots 2224-2243: Ives prewar wide gauge and gauge 1

Lots 2244-2257: Dorfan prewar narrow gauge and wide gauge

Lots 2258-2259: Hoge Mfg.

Lot 2260:             Beggs

Lots 2261-2282: Weeden prewar trains and steam toys

Lots 2283-2285: Union Manufacturing Co. and Bing boats

Lots 2286-2288: German, French and Hess steam toys

Lots 2289-2290: Schoenner

Lots 2291-2297: Orobr, James Fallows and Hull & Stafford floor toys

Lots 2298-2299: Lionel & Seneca Steel paper weights

Lots 2300-2359: Lionel prewar O gauge

Lots 2360-2389: Lionel prewar standard gauge

Lots 2390-2399: American Flyer O and wide gauge

Lots 2400-2537: Lionel postwar

Lots 2538-2543: Buddy L, Arcade and Urbana Mfg. toys

Lots 2544-2569: Marx and Wyandotte trains and toys

Lots 2570-2591: Pyro plastic vehicles and airplanes

Lots 2592-2595: Tootsie Toys

Lots 2596-2600: lead figures


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