Stout Auctions is excited to offer a fun filled and diverse Christmas season auction of Toy Trains for the two day December 1st and 2nd auction event.  We will highlight the Saturday session with several outstanding prewar and postwar collections.   Prewar is highlighted with a group of very early Lionel including a very nice original 1911, a 1910 loco with very unusual oval NYC lettering variation, a No. 1 Electric Rapid Transit trolley and other items.   The classic period standard gauge is really great in this auction and will include such great items as a brown State Set, four car Green State Set, Boxed 400E Blue Comet set, both yellow and brown box variations of the 9-U kits, 381-U kit, 4-U kits in both brown and yellow boxes, green 9E Girard set with boxes, 9E orange set, 9 in gray, 1866/7/8 passenger sets, rare 225 accessory set, a really nice boxed American Flyer President’s Special set and quite a few other great trains.  O gauge includes a 224 and 225 with gray coal tenders, 215 armored set, 256 orange in OB, rare 158 station platform set, neat 3 No. 80 dealer master carton, very hard 194 accessory set, scale and semi scale cars, a No. 2 dealer display, quite a few minor but mint items and lots of other great items in the prewar O line! The Saturday session will also include a great selection of Marklin with some Bing and other European including a gorgeous Marklin gauge 1 Tunnel Locomotive CLR No. 25 and other great trains. Then to round off a great sale we have most of the Lionel Classics that are mostly in mint condition!

Postwar for the Saturday session is highlighted with Lionel Sets 2222WS Large Door Baggage Car, 2576 Santa Fe Passenger, 9807 Sears, 2190W, 9745 Sears, 12710, X-589 Whirlpool, 1591 Marine, 1595, 2148WS Hudson Passenger, 1520W MKT, 2124W GG-1, 12820, Solid Porthole 2245C B unit, 6044-1X Nestle, 773MC, Sealed 2383 Santa Fe Master Carton, 5F Test Set in Original Box, 2240MC Wabash, Red Flat 6828, Green Auto 6414, Red 6844 Missile, Black 6816, Olive Drab 221 SF and USMC, Blue ST-350 Rivet Press with Tools, Blisterpacks, MINT 2032 Erie Alco’s in Master Carton with Factory Wrapping Paper, 6530 Fire Car Boxed, 2532 Flat Channel Car in 1958 Box MINT Wrapped in Factory Paper, 55, 56 Motorized Units and many more MINT Boxed Items.

The Friday session will include Modern era manufactures that again, are fantastic!

This auction has so many things to choose at all levels of collecting, truly something for everyone! For more information call 765-764-6901 or

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