The Friday session of the June auction is another very DIVERSE auction of toy trains.   The auction starts at 10AM with lot 801.   This auction has so much variety it is hard to highlight it all but here goes!

Postwar Lionel includes a ton of F3’s, FM’s, GG1’s, 6464’s, 746, 773’s, Lionel HO and accessories – again it is so much, please take a look.

The prewar Lionel also includes a lot of variety with examples like a 400E Blue Comet, early #5 and #6 locos with cars, 200/500 series freights 392E Girard set, 400E’s, 700E’s, 763E, 250E Hiawatha, 752 Portland, accessories (especially bungalows, stations, etc) and much more.

IVES!   A nice collection of gauge 1 items including 1129, 40, 41, passenger cars, freight cars etc.   Lot of other Ives including 1122, 1123, 3242’s, 3236’s, 3238, 3239, 3240, 3243R, 3241, great selection of the larger herald cars  and two repainted white Ives sets.   Also included is a small but nice selection of Inboard truck O gauge cars and an 1125.

This auction will include a fair amount of Lionel/Ives/American Flyer transition cars, some Marx trains, an Erector Hudson, a few A. Flyer wide gauge trains and a group of Buddy L trains.

In the middle of the auction we will be featuring a museum’s collection of GREAT Lionel and MTH standard and O gauge classics type trains.   Examples will include Lionel green Show Room set in SG, lots of mint accessories and switches, Dorfan remakes, Ives National Limited, American Flyer remakes, 400E’s, State Sets, Girard sets, 392’s, Fireball set, 200/500 series freights and many, many others

The above is just a sampling.  We have everything from the higher end collectible to the “I need help” trains.  Please be sure to take a look and remember the auction date is Friday June 11th to begin at 10:00AM ET.  The auction is broadcast real time over the internet at and we will not offer in house bidding.   Please email if you have any questions.

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