Stout Auctions is proud to present a Friday sale filled with a wide variety of pre and postwar toy trains from many manufacturers including Lionel, American Flyer, Marx, Ives, Hafner, Unique Art, Joy Line, Dorfan and others.   The second half is the collection of a former 30+ year Lionel employee.

The sale highlights items such as:

Lots 801-999 prewar and postwar 00, S, 0 and standard gauges from Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, Unique Art, Hafner, Joy Line and Dorfan.   This is a really diverse and fun group of trains.

Lots 1000-1193 A fantastic group of Lionel postwar including boxed sets 2269W B&O, 2296W CP, Halloween set, 2519W, 19707, 1531W and others.  The lots also include many F3’s, FM’s incl 2341, 2347 Sears GP, rare brown 1007 caboose, super rare type I blue feather 6464-100, GG1’s, 746 in OB/MC, 773, 6464’s and many other great items.

Lots 1195 -1199 WOW!  A MINT Lionel 5344 Hudson 700K kits.   Most of the pieces are still wrapped in the original cellophane including the boiler.   This came from a 30 year former Lionel employee and has the markings from the archives.   This is the very desirable 1938 version with the best possible boiler casting and frame casting.   The “biggies” like the boiler and boiler front are still in the original cellophane from Lionel.   This makes my socks go up and down!

Lots 1200 – 1207: More incredible items from the same Lionel employee collection. Highlighted by what can only be described as a fascinating 773 Hudson steam locomotive in a custom built wooden box. Please see the description for all the unique features of this locomotive. Also included are numerous production samples with correct Lionel Archive markings including a #175 Rocket Launcher and #356 Freight Station

Lot 1208A – 1208T: A unique assortment of modern era Lionel samples. Highlights include TWO 773 Hudsons that were part of a theft and recovery by the Michigan State Police in 1983. See the description for the full story.

Lot 1209- 1243: The modern era production samples and prototypes continue along with unique postwar and modern paperwork. Highlights include the prototype Lionel 8030 Illinois Central GP-9, chrome body shells, nearly all the scarce 9700 boxcars w/ 9200 end plates, and much more.

Lot 1244-1403: A wide selection of modern era trains. There are many large lots for operators, but also a number of wonderful collector opportunities in this group. Highlights include a nearly complete run of Lionel Christmas cars from the 1970’s and 1985-2004. We have numerous examples of the scarce 9490 1985 Christmas boxcar, Lionel Large Scale errors and production samples, a plethora of early TMCC locomotives and components, and beyond. A truly unique collection and offering.

Please note that due to COVID-19 that all bidding activity will be live online, by absentee or by telephone.  For more information please call 765-764-6901 or email

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